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About Us

With its main warehouse based in Stockton, CA and the second warehouse in Yorba Linda, CA, PMD Express is a full-service delivery company. Our experts provide customized logistics and transportation services for clients in need. We have built a reputation for being known as experienced transports of goods. Each of our professionals enjoys how demanding our industry is. We don't mind modifying our strategic model to perform services for our customers.

PMD Express caters to just about all areas in the state of California. We are completely confident in our ability to get your items delivered in a timely manner. Our friendly staff and strong network of incredible drivers can't wait to assist you.

Meet Our Owner

The owner of our business has been working in the logistics industry for more than 18 years. In the past, he worked for an establishment in a senior management position. He soon branched out on his own. In 2014, he started his own transportation company. Since then, he has provided businesses and individuals personalized delivery solutions.

Expanding Our Company

As our business and customer-base grows, we are making it a priority to provide world-class service for each and every client. Our logistics capabilities can not only match, but exceed that of the larger carriers. We can innovate, strategize, and make changes more swiftly than our competitors. Our team is 100 percent sure you will be a believer in us, once you give us the opportunity.

Career Opportunities

PMD Express is expanding and has Employment opportunities for warehouse and office. We also have great opportunities for Contractor Drivers.